Rescued By A Millionaire

Marion Lennox | Harlequin | 2005

Jenna is stranded! She's in the middle of the Outback - no phone, no water and nobody but her baby sister for several hundred miles...

...except for Riley Jackson, who rescues them. He's a millionaire in hiding who's learned the hard way that love doesn't last. He doesn't want companionship, or commitment. But as Riley helps this brave, determined woman, Jenna realizes that maybe she can help rescue Riley from his own demons. now ther's no reason for either of them to say no - to marriage!

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Rescued By A Millionaire

by Marion Lennox


His overwhelming sensation was relief.

Wasn’t he supposed to feel fury? Desolation? Bitterness? That was what he’d felt in the past when people he loved had walked away. As Riley Jackson loaded the last of his lovely wife’s possessions into his best friend’s Learjet, he expected at least an echo of that pain.

It didn’t happen. The plane was now a sliver on the horizon and he felt no desolation at all.

Maybe he was cured of this love business. He obviously didn’t have what it took to hold a relationship together and he no longer cared.

`What do you reckon, boy?’ he asked his dog, and Bustle nosed his hand in gentle query. Bustle wouldn’t miss Lisa either. Lisa had no time for dogs.

`We’re on our own now, mate,’ Riley told him as he turned to walk back to the house. The old dog limped beside him. Unlike his wife, Bustle would be loyal to the end.

Losing Bustle would be real heartache, Riley thought. That would be the real end of loving.

Bustle nosed his fingers again, and Riley stooped to give his ancient collie a gentle hug.

`I know. I don’t have you for much longer, boy, and I’ll miss you like crazy. But I’ll miss nobody else. No one is going to get close to me, ever again.’

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