Thanks for coming by to read about my books and about me.

It's hard to believe my books have the capacity to reach so many. I sit in my home on Australia's South Coast, and I feel like my world expands about as far as the black swans I watch feeding on the sea grasses in the bay beneath my window. But just like the wading birds who spend summer here and then take off to the Northern Hemisphere during winter, my words also take off on a life of their own. They find their way to Cambridge, Kansas, Prague, Denpasar, Calcutta... all over the world. You write to me and I gain as much pleasure as when a migrating bird returns to our wetlands. Maybe even more.

Your generosity in sharing your enjoyment of my books keeps my butt in this chair, watching the waders rather than out disturbing them in my kayak. I suspect our local sea birds thank you, and so do I.


— Lifetime Career Awards —

Romance Writers of America Rita award - Best Traditional Romance - short listed 12 times, 2 wins.
Romance Writers of Australian - Romantic Book of the Year award - short listed 23 times, 3 wins.
U.S. Romantic Times Career Achievement Award, for `A body of work which makes us laugh and teaches us about love'.

— One Hundred and Counting —

Waves of Temptation, the hundredth romance I've written for Harlequin, won Romance Writers' of Australia's 2015 award for Australian Romantic Book of the Year. For a brief moment I thought that might be a good time to stop, but stories keep streaming into my head, demanding I share. I love my life and I love that the stories I create head out into the world to be shared by my fabulous readers. Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Long live romance!

Latest Releases

— The Earl's Convenient Wife —

The Earl's Convenient Wife - Cover

From housekeeper…to lady of the manor!

The terms of the will are simple: to keep his family's Scottish castle, Alasdair McBride, Earl of Duncairn, must marry his housekeeper, Jeanie Lochlan. Given their difficult past, there's no love lost between these two…but their chemistry is undeniable!

Now, vows exchanged and living together in their sumptuous Scottish castle, they start to uncover closely held secrets. And as their carefully erected barriers start to crumble, suddenly they're wondering, will one year be enough…?

— Meant to Be Family —

Meant to Be Family - Cover

Meant-to-be a daddy?

When obstetrician Oliver Evans walked away from his wife, Emily, he hoped it would allow her the chance to be a mum — something he just couldn’t give her. But when Emily crashes back into his life, Oliver knows that this time he can never let her go!

Midwife Emily has pieced together her own little family, now Oliver’s return changes everything. It’s clear what they once had isn’t over but if Oliver wants her back, he’ll have to believe that being a dad can finally heal his heart…

— Christmas Where They Belong —

Christmas Where They Belong - Cover

A love worth fighting for…

Julie and Rob McDowell couldn't imagine life without each other. Until a tragic accident tore their family—and their marriage—apart.

For four years they've been living separate empty lives. Yet when news breaks of a bushfire heading straight for the Blue Mountains both are compelled to return and protect their past.

But now they're stranded together for Christmas! And suddenly Rob is determined to prove to Julie that there's something else worth fighting for: their future…