Thanks for coming by to read about my books and about me.

It's hard to believe this page - and my books – have the capacity to reach so many. I sit in my Ballarat home in Australia's Southern Central Highlands, and I feel like my world expands about as far as the birdbath under my window. But just like the birds glaring into my window when I forget to fill my birdbath, my words leave here and take off on a life of their own. They find their way to Cambridge, Kansas, Prague, Denpasar, Calcutta... all over the world. You write to me and I gain as much pleasure as when a migrating bird lands on my window-sill. Okay, maybe even more.

Your generosity in sharing your enjoyment of my books keeps my butt in this chair, writing more and keeping an eye on the level of the birdbath. My birds thank you and so do I.


— Christmas Books —

Christmas is my favourite time of year - what's not to love? - so this Christmas I'm presenting two Marion Lennox stories for you to have fun with. Christmas at Waratah Bay is part of Tule's Christmas Around the World series and it's been a joy to write. Christmas Where They Belong is a Harlequin Romance, and it, too, is a book of the heart. They're both unashamedly Aussie, full of heat and drama and Christmas joy. Oh, and dogs. There always seem to be dogs in my stories - they sneak in when I'm not looking.

I wish you joy as you read, and joy as you celebrate your own personal holiday season.

— Travel —

To celebrate the publication of my 100th novel, my husband and I headed to the other side of the world. We've spent two months pottering along the backroads of Ireland and Scotland, steeping ourselves in history, being stunned by the scenery, being welcomed by the locals and being scratched by the hedgerow. We had a truly memorable time, and I've taken so many notes my dropbox is groaning.

Highlights? Drifting among the puffins off the Blasket Islands. Jumping up and down (I know, I'm a kid at heart) on a quaking bog in Conneamarra. Sitting on the harbour wall in Tobermorey, eating seafood just off the boat. Sheltering from the rain in a chlochan, a stone beehive hut over a thousand years old, on Inis Meáin, the middle Aran Island. So much more...

Expect to see Irish and Scottish stories by the score in the months and years ahead. I'm rested, my senses are overloaded with experiences and I'm raring to go.

— One Hundred and Counting —

Waves of Temptation has been released, the hundredth romance I've written for Harlequin. People ask me when I'll stop. That won't happen until stories stop streaming into my head, demanding I put them down to share. I love my life and I love that the stories I create head out into the world to be shared by my fabulous readers. Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Long live romance!

— Major Awards —

I've been short listed for the prestigious American Rita award twelve times, with two wins for the year's Best Traditional Romance. I've been nominated for the Australian Romantic Book of the Year award twenty two times, also winning twice.
I've also been blessed with winning the US Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for: `A body of work which makes us laugh and teaches us about love'.

Latest Releases

— Christmas at Waratah Bay —

Christmas at Waratah Bay - Cover

Sarah’s committed to her stellar modelling career in New York, but there’s an obligation she needs to fulfil. Harold was a Grandpa to her when she needed him most. Now all Harold wants is one last Christmas in his beloved Waratah Bay Homestead. Sarah’s not that so hot on baking and Christmas seems a bit… challenging… but she’s prepared to fly half way round the world to give it a try.

The only problem is, Harold no longer owns Waratah Bay Homestead. Farming tycoon Max Ramsey owns it now and he doesn’t like company, he doesn’t like Christmas and most of all, he doesn’t like Sarah.

When the two clash, enough sparks ensue to light a Christmas tree. How many enemies does it take to cook one Christmas turkey?

— A Secret Shared —

A Secret Shared - Cover

Is a secret halved…?

High-flying oncologist professor Jack Kincaid isn't convinced by the treatment offered at Dolphin Bay Healing Resort. But if there's the slightest possibility that dolphins can help his little nephew Harry, he needs to give it a chance! Especially when he recognizes beautiful therapist Dr. Kate Martin—the woman he once knew as Cathy!

Jack can't help but be intrigued, and he's just as attracted to her as he always was. And when Kate reveals to him the devastating secret that she will do anything to escape, not only does she share her burden, but she starts to open up Jack's locked-away heart, too….

— Waves of Temptation —

Waves of Temptation - Cover

When fate steps in…

When physician Kelly Eveldene's son is injured in a surfing accident, she finds herself face-to-face with the one man she prayed never to see again: delectable orthopedic surgeon Dr. Matt Eveldene! Seeing beautiful Kelly again brings back their painful history and sparks new, unacceptable desires in Matt—Kelly's strictly off-limits! But who can resist the temptation of the forbidden…!

Waves of Temptation is Marion Lennox's 100th romance novel.